Change Password Registry entry

Specify whether password changing is supported.


This Registry entry can be assigned to users, groups and system-wide:

Key User Group Key System
Key 1 User Group Key 1 System
Key 2 user group Key 2 Setting
Key 3 Setting Key 3 Change Password
Key 4 Change Password    
Value boolean Value boolean

Note: A Group|Default|Change Password setting is not possible. To enable this option for all users, use the System setting.



is true (password changing is supported) or false (password changing is not supported).

The default value is true, and the Change Password command displays in the Tools menu. If false, the Change Password command is removed from the Tools menu.

Note: If you are using the Traditional password mechanism, you will need to disable password changing explicitly (see Password Management for details).


This entry disables password changing for all users:

Key Setting
Key 1 System
Key 2 Setting
Key 3 Change Password
Value false